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Jersey City Council: Don't let drivers block our lanes!

Updated: Jan 5

Join Bike JC, Safe Streets Jersey City, and Hudson County Complete Streets at the January 10th Council Meeting to call on the Jersey City Council to approve a $175 fine for motorists who park or drive in Jersey City's bike lanes.

Important note: This is a second reading ordinance, which means that there will be a public comment period before the vote, and signing up is not strictly required. That said, the comment period and vote happen early in the meeting, so don't be late!

If you've ever ridden a bike in Jersey City, you know that cars parking in the bike lane are pervasive and dangerous. While motorists can often be ticketed for double parking or obstructing a roadway, there is no specific ordinance that makes parking in a bike lane illegal.

We call on the Jersey City Municipal Council to approve the proposed $175 fee for parking in bike lanes. The safety of cyclists must be prioritized over the convenience of drivers.

Need more inspiration for what to say?

Talking Points:

  • Cars parked in bike lanes can force cyclists into high speed travel lanes

  • If someone knowingly obstructed a car travel lane, they would be ticketed and fined

  • Frequently blocked bike lanes discourage use by cyclists - which may lead to them using the roadway, or even the sidewalk if the street is dangerous

We will update this post with the ordinance and meeting agenda when it becomes available.

Can't make the meeting?

Call or email your Councilperson!

2 Yorum

I will be away, but this is one of the most important laws/fines that could be a start to better safety. I also would encourage better enforcement of cars and delivery vehicles blocking crosswalks.

Another aspect is motorized bike driving at night without lights and going the wrong side of the bike lanes.

Thank you, I know I'm adding on the original premise, but these add to a safer bike lane for all. BTW, I like the bike traffic lights on Grove Street.


John & Kathy Kalinowski

305 York Street

Jersey City, NJ 07302

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Thanks for the support, John! If you have a moment, it would help to send an email to the At-Large councilpeople like Rivera, Degise, and Waterman voicing your support.

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