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Light-Up rides

Light-Up Rides are monthly, social night time rides open to all ages and abilities. We encourage riders to decorate or illuminate their bikes or themselves in creative ways, bring music, and enjoy a slow ride! 

Light-Up Rides are Friday night rides, typically starting at Grove St PATH station. Most rides occur on the second Friday of the month, with some exceptions. Meet and roll times change based on sunset - see below for times.

Rides are slow and beginner friendly, with a pace of 8mph and routes from 10-20 miles. All rides are weather-permitting. Please check our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for ride updates.

2024 ride schedule

Second Fridays, except as noted with*. Some rides have optional themes, which may be listed here and on socials.

  • March 15th* | Meet: 6:30, roll: 7:00

    • St. Patrick's Day​

  • April 12th | Meet: 7:00, roll: 7:30​

    • Embracing Neurodiversity​

  • May 10th | Meet: 7:00, roll: 7:30

    • Light Up the Loop - Register here (free)​

    • Meets 7:00 in Washington Park by the tennis courts along New York Avenue. Rolls out at 7:30 p.m.

    • Optional feeder ride to Wash. Park meets 6:45 at Grove Path Plaza, leaves there 7:00 p.m.

    • In memory of Miguea "Mickey" Ten

  • June 14th | Meet: 7:30, roll: 8:00

  • July 12th | Meet: 7:30, roll: 8:00

  • August 9th | Meet 7:30, roll 8:00

    • Pride Ride! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

  • September 13th | Meet 6:30, roll 7:00

    • Bayonne Bridge ride​

  • October 4th* | Meet 6:00, roll 6:30

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