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Jersey City's Non-Profit cycling advocacy group.

The Latest

The Jersey City Ward Tour is back!

Join us (and 3,000 of our friends) on June 2nd!


Tell NJDOT: #Fix139

Route 139 Upper is a dangerous highway that divides Jersey City. Send a message to NJDOT to #Fix139


Shop our store!

Check out our updated web store, with great merch for all cyclists!



Bike JC is Jersey City's nonprofit cycling and complete streets advocacy group. Our mission is to make cycling safer and more enjoyable, and to get more people on bikes, through advocacy, social events, education, and community partnerships.

Family Bike Ride
support safer biking in Jersey City
Protesting With Sign
help us out

Don't have much time to advocate for cycling in Jersey City? No problem. Here's the one single thing we want you to do this month. No cost, and can be done in a lunch break.

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